Kids Art Classes


Homeschool and private art lessons

We can customize our workshops to best fit the needs, skill level, and medium interest for your group. Our instructors are college graduates with fine art and art history degrees, with experience in teaching. Our instructors focus on growing existing skills and taking students to a more advanced level, while introducing them to new techniques, materials, and knowlegde of fine art. 

We believe that art can be used as a tool in sensory exploration as well as encouraging creativity and imagination. This will lead to powerful learning experiences for children in developing confidence and creative problem solving. 


Art Lessons Include

  • Art History: Every lesson will be based on a different artist or genre (could be a couple of artists with similar styles) We will cover dates of artist career, what was happening in art at that time, how that artist or genre impacted current art and culture, etc.

  • Discussion: We will then go over what can we learn from this artist/genre. What do we like or dislike about this artist and why we feel that way.

  • Creating: Every lesson we will then create a project based on the artist or genre we learned about.


Both group pricing and individual pricing available.

Give us a call at (971) 319-3985 for more information or fill out our Contact Us form.